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Key Factors to consider while Buying Condos in Singapore

In a country like Singapore, land is a precious thing. Scarcity of land is the fundamental feature of Singapore. But while seeking properties for residential needs, options are abundant. And, when it comes to Condos, there are both HDB authority and private real estate agencies working on it.

What are Condos?
Condos are typical housing properties offer desirable amenities to the residents concerned. They can be regular apartments or townhouses. If you want something more than HDB houses then Condos are something you may like to purchase. There are two types of Condos in Singapore while categorizing them on the basis of their makers. HDB Condos are generally known as Condos, whereas private are popular as Executive Condominiums.
While purchasing Condos in Singapore
As a buyer, you need to consider certain things apart from the location and exclusiveness of the Condos you are targeting. Here are some key points.
1.        Proper Timing:
It is a smart decision to buy your Condos in a right time in Singapore. In the peak period of real estate market in Singapore, you may have to pay more than the actual price for your Condos. Look for the time of rise of the volume of transaction in real estate market and that can probably the best time to buy Condos in Singapore.
2.    Property Value, present and future:Assess the surrounding value of the property you are thinking about. You can ask IRAS to get knowledge of the property valuation. You can also check for estimated property value to weed out your inhibitions.
3.    URA Master Plan:Condos which are near to MRT stations and Linkways in Singapore are generally 5 times higher in price. Go thoroughly the URA master plan of the area to understand its potentiality.
4.    Status of the Project Developer:Potentiality of the project developer is something to be considered. If the developer is an experienced one in developing and delivering good quality Condos in Singapore, it is easier to rely on them.
5.    How old the property is:New Condos of Singapore are generally higher in price, as they are equipped with new age arrangements. Resale Condos are found in established community and moderate pricing. Think and compare.
6.    Space factors:Depending on your unit type you can enjoy space freedom in Condos of Singapore. Select your Condos in Singapore on the basis of your space preferences. Buying a 4 BR Condo is preferable than purchasing 2 BR suites in Singapore.
7.    Range of pollution:Agents may take you to visit your Condo in a most convenient time of the day. Ask them to take you there in different hours of the day, so that you can gauge the very social and environment atmosphere of the Condo concerned.  you can also download - Condos for Rent Singapore 

Do not limit your search within these 7 key points. These will help you to understand the way start your search. You should also ponder on the points like amenities & facilities, maintenance management of the building and other associated factors. Broaden your research and learn more about properties you are targeting in Singapore.


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